Empowerment · Women

If you behold her reality

If you behold the form of whence she surrendered, of what she gave, Pore over the achromic cloth veiling the worshipped grave, Itself dissolved in sheer impurities, alloyed within deprave. If you behold the form of whence she pays, of how she’s confound, Toss around a candle flaring in the somber, pouring its impulse around,… Continue reading If you behold her reality

Felony · Sin

Splendor of the felony

Let the memories submerge within the lapse of the past And laud till the bleak obscures, till the fiascos last. Let the stars collide, let the scintillation fade out, And decipher the rhythm when the abstractions come about. Let it embrace, let it clinch within the empathy of the vice, And delight in the blaze… Continue reading Splendor of the felony

Peace · Sea

She found her eden

The blue sky reclines far across the tepid shore, And the crisp cold flicks her face as the Terns soar. Pacing in the satin sands with feet submerging, She finds her peace in the flushing quiet of the incandescence emerging. She stands still while another radiant day decays, Oblivious of the past, amnesic of the… Continue reading She found her eden

Rape · Women

In the name of glory-Diary of a rape victim

I walk down the road, alone in the dark, Hiding my past, hiding my face, hiding what has left a mark. Pointing fingers, hurting words and each curse, All faith dies, strength drowns, and hopes disperse. A blot has nested, a taint that is so weak yet so strong, I knock doors, search whither I… Continue reading In the name of glory-Diary of a rape victim

Individuality · Society

Living inside a bubble

Isn’t it funny how you create a bubble around yourself and how you confine yourself to that one fragile bubble? Spending the whole life inside it, not letting inside others and not even being able to breathe out of it. But that’s how you save yourself from the harsh reality, the reality that is too… Continue reading Living inside a bubble

Humanity · Paistan · SocialMedia

The race

In a race of surpassing the rest with breaking the news that is more disturbing than the former, we are strangulating ‘humanity’ with our own hands. Capitalizing on the recent sad incident of Peshawar APS attack, people are sharing distressing pictures on social media in order to score in the race of getting more likes… Continue reading The race