Empowerment · Silence · Words

The solemn silent eyes

The trance of the solemn silence seeping through the stark eyes, Decaying in its own lapse, ticking perpetually in the pursuit of emprise. The whispers linger within, crawling dimly as if bottled up inside, As if captivated within the unfolding fear, within the widening woes they reside. The ocular sulk dwells among the buffeting blazes,… Continue reading The solemn silent eyes

Dreams · Words

Trancing among the dreams unsated

Lotus by the drifting watercraft, and the high pouring tides, Sunken in a transcendent enigma of the eluding voice. Her curls spruce up, the sand beneath the palm slides, The crisp sea gusts hit her face and she unmasks a laugh in rejoice. From the first blush to the late dim, till the old moon… Continue reading Trancing among the dreams unsated

Unsaid · Words

The silenced divine

And he kept twitching for that quest unsettling, for that unwritten prose, For the words that were veiled in the immortality of the fusing echoes. Riposted in a dream lurking in the spilling tide of the nightfall, Too sacred to be defined that even the letters fall short to enthrall. A fatal toxin gently, unceasingly… Continue reading The silenced divine