Figments of Patriarchal Imagination: 72 Virgins

the fatal feminist

After I had finished laughing at the desperately fabricated concept of the 72 virgins and the bigoted men who illustriously invented the idea for their own sexual satisfactions, there was a feeling of sorrow and heartbreak for such a beautiful thing to be twisted and corrupted and made revoltingly obscene. And there is also rage–as when patriarchy makes its claim it does not only destroy what is beautiful, but it does so by stealing it in an attempt to greedily misuse its power.

Men have no shame.

In Heaven, there are beings. Despite man’s assertions that these beings are “virgins” for him, to be owned by him, to be used by him–imagine that! it’s worse than Voldemort killing innocent, pure unicorns!–the Qur’an uses a different word:


In Arabic the word is houri, derived from hur, which means bright-eyed. An adjective, neither male nor female. When the…

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