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The malady of insensitivity

Another soul departs from this world, another carcass lowered in its grave. Another person tweets about it, another one makes a video. It’s time we talk about sensitivity. The recent demise of the legend, Amjad Sabri, has unwrapped new debates over the internet; with everyone bidding to win the race, people took this to a… Continue reading The malady of insensitivity

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7 Golden Rules to have a good fast!

Don’t tell people their fast is of no avail just because they don’t pray. It’s like telling someone not to study for the exam at all just because they haven’t crammed the whole syllabus. Let them pass at least. Don’t be that jerk nerd from the class who studies his/her ass off while discouraging others not to… Continue reading 7 Golden Rules to have a good fast!


I am a radical!

Keep crying over the labels of terrorists and extremists or radicals by the West. Denial won’t help. Do you ever think about when and in how many ways we, however in oblivion, have integrated extremist ideologies and notions to customary ways? Not only when abusing and hitting people without realizing where the lines of reverence…