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7 Golden Rules to have a good fast!

  1. Don’t tell people their fast is of no avail just because they don’t pray. It’s like telling someone not to study for the exam at all just because they haven’t crammed the whole syllabus. Let them pass at least. Don’t be that jerk nerd from the class who studies his/her ass off while discouraging others not to study.
  2. Don’t tell people they’re immoral just because they don’t fast. You’re not the judge of someone’s character and you don’t know if your fast is actually a fast in the eyes of God or if you’re just starving yourself (Keeping in mind the approach you hold).
  3. Don’t consume JUST everything in sight at sehri. You’re a human not a camel so trust me when I say this ‘you can’t store all that food or water.’ It’s not about being able to fast with a sehri of 3 Parathas, A plate of paaye, a jug of lassi and a gallon of water. The whole essence of fasting is to observe ‘sabr (patience)’ with empty-stomach so that you are able to understand the pain of that deprived part of the society that spends 365 days with these hunger pangs. You can’t walk in the shoes of the destitute ones while living in a mansion, driving a Ferrari (at least in most cases).
  4. Don’t justify your temper tantrums with statements like ‘Rozay main ghussa zaida ata hai yaar.’ You are fasting for Allah. Please don’t act as if you are doing us a favor with your fast. Sometimes the other person fasting may even break your bones in return of your temper tantrums but its ok ‘rozay main ghussa ziada jo ata hai,’ no?
  5. Stop with the moral policing when you see someone who is not fasting. No starving beggar asks you not to eat in front of them just because they are starving. Fasting is only a test for your Ima’an so don’t cheat and pass the test on your own (without asking others to not eat around you). Secondly, your religion is your private matter that has only to do with you and your God. Don’t ask others to pay the rent of a house they don’t live in. For heaven’s sake!
  6. Don’t fake-fast in front of people if you are not actually fasting. It’s ok to not fast. Especially, men need to stop asking women why they are fasting. If you really need to know why a girl would omit a fast you can get all the awareness handed down to you by your gracious mother or sister. They may have the same reason. And girls, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are not fasting. It’s very much your own fast so YOUR FAST YOUR RULES.
  7. PLEASE don’t waste food at iftars. It’s not about who starved the longest from fajr to maghrib. It’s about sabr. Go easy on those pakoras. Respect God’s blessings and refrain from wasting things away. Someone else may be starving for all those pakoras and kachorian that you are wasting.

Please make this Ramzan a better one not only for yourself but for others around you as well. We can definitely be sensitive humans at least for a month.


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