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The malady of insensitivity

Another soul departs from this world, another carcass lowered in its grave. Another person tweets about it, another one makes a video.

It’s time we talk about sensitivity.

The recent demise of the legend, Amjad Sabri, has unwrapped new debates over the internet; with everyone bidding to win the race, people took this to a whole new level when they embarked on sharing videos of him right after he was shot dead. Being sensitive these days is a thing that gets to collect pretty variegated reactions. Tell someone they shouldn’t be using slurs like “retard,” and accusations begin to pour on you as being “hypersensitive,” “thin-skinned” and “easily offended.” An attempt to spill some of the details of the newest Game of Thrones episode, and people may begin to ask you for being a little “sensitive” when posting such spoiler alerts so as to not blight the feelings of those who haven’t watched it yet. We lose our minds over American/British TV shows carving a corrupt image of our country and end up doing the same and suddenly it all becomes normal and quite a ‘sensitive’ thing to do only because it was shot using a “Pakistani” camera.

Occurring with this is subject of regulating the internet, with no legal action being taken against, for example, people on social media. ‘A free media’ sounds fancy to an extent but does freedom equate with insensitivity? At what point does an outlook or an opinion become a ‘crime’? Should an opinion ever be considered as a ‘crime’? And at what phase does the ‘right to offend’ traverse some sort of unacceptable, obnoxious boundary – and who is to define what that boundary is?

Regrettably the people of this country often struggle to find the right balance of sensitivity – at least, when they’ve tried to be sensitive. At times it grows awfully miserable to see how much pride we take in blood and pain; it’s more like a national infatuation now. It’s shocking to see how worthless the human life has become. It’s exhausting to see how difficult it is for us to distinguish between occasions that authorize for such publicity gimmicks, to see how advanced we have become in state of a moral decline.

Oscillating between casual disgracing of women and sectarian slurs on one hand while paying no heed to child molesting on the other hand; It occurs that people, when given the license, are coldblooded, vindictive and largely scummy. The mounting reception of insensitivity and brutality (inclusive of the brutality done for the sake of amusement – one more media vogue that’s been growing for the last five to ten years) in our society has a direct relation to the degenerating culture; a culture which progressively even scowls upon any reference to the term ‘morality’, due to its superficial religious undertones.

By and large, desensitization and degeneration of any scope for empathy are one of the nastiest things that can happen to a society or a generation; potentially rallying around for even worse. For some, freedom of expression doesn’t equate with creative liberty or the right to demonstrate, it solely signifies a license to dash abuse on anything and everything that exists; even a dead man. It’s a glum to bury humanity and empathy with our own hands, to bury them deep under a debris of inhuman comments and hashtags.


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