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Life of a hypocrite misogynist

Women are becoming a huge huge problem for this society by doing what they want, by wearing what they want, by saying what they want, basically by existing in their female bodies.

Men can do what they wish to do and women can also do what men wish them to do. Double standards? Nah. Double is when two things exist on the same level. When there is a master-slave dialectic that exists in the society then there is only one subject and that is: MEN! The other is just a mere object and objects never exist as equal to the subject.

So now we shall apologize to all the hypocrite misogynists for speaking our hearts out, for doing what we like, for having a voice, for being born as something not male , and for existing in our female bodies. We shall apologize to all of them while they ride their self-righteous high horse.

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