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This is the end, in ashes, in fire

They say the world will end, in ashes, in fire When the breath halts, when the fleeting ones retire   When the mourning taps in the moonless night And the cosmic cellar crumbles in its flight   When a candle’s eye smokes in tears When the bosoms surge with fancied fears   They say the… Continue reading This is the end, in ashes, in fire

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When I wished upon stars

Sitting under the flicker The gaze rapidly trails For an unsated wish to occur For the lettering of those¬†fairy tales One after the other Waiting for the fancies to fall For the pains to be sated The remains of the ones that still crawl Only a wish to make things happen Just once. Like it… Continue reading When I wished upon stars

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Trancing among the dreams unsated

Lotus by the drifting watercraft, and the high pouring tides, Sunken in a transcendent enigma of the eluding voice. Her curls spruce up, the sand beneath the palm slides, The crisp sea gusts hit her face and she unmasks a laugh in rejoice. From the first blush to the late dim, till the old moon… Continue reading Trancing among the dreams unsated