Each question obtains equal marks. Check the best option. Q1) Reasons why you should not be a feminist: Because it’s sexist for focusing on empowering women like child labor laws are ageist for focusing on protecting children. Because it focuses on saving women from oppression like black laws are racist because they only focus on protecting Blacks. Because… Continue reading Feminism101

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I am a radical!

Keep crying over the labels of terrorists and extremists or radicals by the West. Denial won’t help. Do you ever think about when and in how many ways we, however in oblivion, have integrated extremist ideologies and notions to customary ways? Not only when abusing and hitting people without realizing where the lines of reverence… Continue reading I am a radical!



Pseudo-liberals. That is a word that precisely describes many of the people residing around us who are trying to support gay marriage rights. Not saying that gay marriage should not be socially accepted. After all we all are humans and have complete liberty of feelings. But check your privilege! It’s easy to be a pseudo-liberal… Continue reading #LoveWins

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The solemn silent eyes

The trance of the solemn silence seeping through the stark eyes, Decaying in its own lapse, ticking perpetually in the pursuit of emprise. The whispers linger within, crawling dimly as if bottled up inside, As if captivated within the unfolding fear, within the widening woes they reside. The ocular sulk dwells among the buffeting blazes,… Continue reading The solemn silent eyes