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Life of a hypocrite misogynist

Women are becoming a huge huge problem for this society by doing what they want, by wearing what they want, by saying what they want, basically by existing in their female bodies. Men can do what they wish to do and women can also do what men wish them to do. Double standards? Nah. Double… Continue reading Life of a hypocrite misogynist

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The solemn silent eyes

The trance of the solemn silence seeping through the stark eyes, Decaying in its own lapse, ticking perpetually in the pursuit of emprise. The whispers linger within, crawling dimly as if bottled up inside, As if captivated within the unfolding fear, within the widening woes they reside. The ocular sulk dwells among the buffeting blazes,… Continue reading The solemn silent eyes

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If you behold her reality

If you behold the form of whence she surrendered, of what she gave, Pore over the achromic cloth veiling the worshipped grave, Itself dissolved in sheer impurities, alloyed within deprave. If you behold the form of whence she pays, of how she’s confound, Toss around a candle flaring in the somber, pouring its impulse around,… Continue reading If you behold her reality