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Life of a hypocrite misogynist

Women are becoming a huge huge problem for this society by doing what they want, by wearing what they want, by saying what they want, basically by existing in their female bodies. Men can do what they wish to do and women can also do what men wish them to do. Double standards? Nah. Double… Continue reading Life of a hypocrite misogynist

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7 Golden Rules to have a good fast!

Don’t tell people their fast is of no avail just because they don’t pray. It’s like telling someone not to study for the exam at all just because they haven’t crammed the whole syllabus. Let them pass at least. Don’t be that jerk nerd from the class who studies his/her ass off while discouraging others not to… Continue reading 7 Golden Rules to have a good fast!

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She found her eden

The blue sky reclines far across the tepid shore, And the crisp cold flicks her face as the Terns soar. Pacing in the satin sands with feet submerging, She finds her peace in the flushing quiet of the incandescence emerging. She stands still while another radiant day decays, Oblivious of the past, amnesic of the… Continue reading She found her eden