I am a radical!

Keep crying over the labels of terrorists and extremists or radicals by the West. Denial won’t help. Do you ever think about when and in how many ways we, however in oblivion, have integrated extremist ideologies and notions to customary ways? Not only when abusing and hitting people without realizing where the lines of reverence need to be drawn, but in words that exhibit how much we celebrate this extremism?

Why are our sales promotions labeled as ‘Dhamakaydar Sale?’  It can be ‘crazy sale,’ ‘massive sale’ or literally any sale but why Dhamakaydar sale? Let’s admit we do have a thing for dhamakay, don’t we? The word just gets the limelight somehow. Why make a big deal about it when it’s another dhamaka but unfortunately not that of sale but of one in which hundreds of people die?

Why we just completely love the concept of rape as…

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