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This is the end, in ashes, in fire

They say the world will end, in ashes, in fire

When the breath halts, when the fleeting ones retire


When the mourning taps in the moonless night

And the cosmic cellar crumbles in its flight


When a candle’s eye smokes in tears

When the bosoms surge with fancied fears


They say the world will end then, in ashes, in fire

Then it is all winding down in the form of satire


Because hills are but a clump of creeds

Where soul is to slay for it’s not where old one breeds,


Because the eyes are of fire and hearts are of ice

For there are new faiths to mold, new gospels to devise


They say this is the end, lying in ashes, in fire

Worn away in the frozen heat, mangled in the melting desire.

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